I need a walk

Those most ominous of words

“I need a walk”

Followed closely By

“I need to think”

Lead to Natalie

being to blame for something

not doing something correctly

Those words

that when spoken by her

are not allowed

as she isn’t allowed human emotion

nor the right to frown

she must always be good

always be ok

always be the one who asks”hey how was your day?”

never to have it asked back

because you just know

my day has been just great

I wasn’t in a state

crying over my keyboard

not eating till eight

I was perfectly fine

my pain is less than yours

I don’t hurt

and everything is a flesh wound

I can walk off

Whilst concerning myself with you.


One thought on “I need a walk

  1. I release you from the dark spell
    The Notions of dreams away
    Does it ring any singular bell
    I guess not its all rocky clay
    And here i stand the bad guy
    Not knowing what to say now
    Trying to have love goodbye
    i look way and take a silent bow
    Down into the caves of grass
    making love to exit the room
    Without an only caress
    Deep in the same old doom


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