Me Time

Today’s prompt asks about “An ideal Saturday morning

Well in my time zone its currently the afternoon and I had quite an unproductive morning cause the alarm didn’t ring.

An ideal Saturday morning for me is quite simple maybe even pathetic some might say, but I enjoy the simple and free things in life.

An ideal Saturday.

Waking up early

but staying in bed late

being silly and playful

maybe make time to mate.

Sit with the laptop

at your knees

and watch a series

Maybe Stargate or Naruto

or even The Big Bang Theory

be nodding off

in your chest

although its only 10 am

that sexy man smell

from the festivities of the night before

of being down on all for

and giving a lioness roar

we should eat!

I say with lazy exclamation

Its already 12


Maybe we should begin our day

Of writing some lines

and having our say

and trying to change the world

in the comfort of the bed

or the sofa

and decked in our PJs

Im feeling needy

midway through my cycle

so I want to cuddle you

and hinder your typing

so you pay attention to me

not your adoring fans

I want to be stupid and romantic and lazy

and deal with life

on another day

not today

on my perfect Saturday


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