Daily Prompt:Eaten By Lions


I actually had a nightmare this last saturday night, It jolted me awake at 4 am and I didn’t sleep afterwards.

It was so very different from ones I have had before.

I dreamt that my entire home was being overrun by wild hunters,Panthers,Lions Tigers… strangely baboons, I slowly saw each thing, Person or Animal I loved devoured by one of the predators and i had to fight them off to save myself and the only thing that survived,My cat jackie.

She became trapped in the paws of a lion, I managed to free her but she was very injured, I kicked the Lion in the face, solid in the snout,it stunned it long enough I could get away to the top attic floor of my house. Once there The bottom of the stairs were stalked by the predators, And i couldn’t get jackie under control because she is quite the huntress always bringing me dead birds or geckos…..

I had to fight off and kill each animal with my bare hands
I i lost a massive part of my right thigh
I lost my left hand and a breast but I killed them all and fed on them as they had fed on those I loved, then I awoke, couldn’t find the cat and was terrified for a split second I was in my nightmares reality, until I saw my husband alive and completely intact.

I can only assume this nightmare represented some sort of struggle, maybe for alpha status or that I have a feeling of being closed down,hunted.

Whatever it was, I DONT EVER want to “dream” it again.


9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:Eaten By Lions

  1. Good heavens, what a vivid dream that was. I haven’t dreamed for years, not one that I remember, anyhow. My dreams mostly related in some way to things that I had been thinking about / worrying about during the day.


  2. Wow what an amazing & terrifying dream. I believe Jackie represents the part of yourself that is a survivor. The big cats & baboons represent all the evils you have encountered thru out your Life.
    You are a fighter & love yourself enough to protect yourself in the face of death!!!! In an odd way it is a good dream reaffirming you are willing to protect yourself at ALL costs!!!!
    Aren’t dreams brilliant???
    ((HUGS)) Sherri-Ellen.


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