Daily Prompt: Veggies,Plants,Animals Flowers.

Todays Prompt called out to my greenfingers.

If I was given a plot of earth I would do what I do here.

Vegetables, Animals,Flowers!

I currently grow all kinds of things.

I have always loved to grow things, I spent hours readying the garden with my grandpa as a young girl, then taking directions from the flowers from my grandma, Potatoes, grandpa, flowers grandma, a very beautiful representation of the couple.

I plant myriad of things, things Im not sure will grow( Banana,Pineapple cores,tropical types of orange and other citrus)
I plant spinach, broccoli,cabbage,potatoes,carrots onions,lettuce, tomatoes,chilies,garlic,peppers. Anything you can think of I plant it.

I grow, strawberries,blackberries,blueberries,grapes,raspberries,blackcurrents red currents gooseberries.. lemons,figs,peaches,yellow plum,damsons…oranges, kumquats.

I also love bonsais and currently have three growing.

I know this isn’t the most exciting things to plant or to do with a plot of earth, but I am lucky to live in a microclimate that allows me to grow whatever I want and I think it is important for newer generations to retain these skills, we rely too much on the supermarket to provide us, we rely too much on others, we are desensitized to the ringing of a chickens neck in order to feed, to slitting the throat of the fattened pig, to eating only what is in season.It disgusts me!
Some children do not understand that a chip( fry for my American friends) and a potato are the same thing, they can not identify the most basic of vegetables… they didn’t understand that the chicken they see laying eggs is the same as the nuggets they eat at mcdonalds.

I intend for Future children to be different.



10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Veggies,Plants,Animals Flowers.

  1. I so agree with you Natalie how today’s youth do not know how to grow fruits & veg nor do they know where food REALLY comes from!
    I am not a good gardener anymore however the building where I live has a veggie garden for us to use! I do putter in my wee garden under the bedroom window & I care for the maple sapling that was planted 2 years ago across from my flat.
    If I were healthier I would garden more for sure!!! You DO have a green thumb to grow such a variety of plants!!! I applaud you!!! *claps hands*
    There is nothing like fresh berries or a fresh garden salad!!!


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