Its In His Kiss

Kiss:Weekly Photo Challange

Yup,Im going to go the ol’ Romantic Route.
I have thought of many ways to represent a kiss, but for me Every time I see or hear the word Kiss, I think of this moment.

It was after our First MAJOR fight as a couple, there was storming around,storming out,door banging DRAMA…. but we calmed,we talked and in a split second he snapped this on my phone… sneeky devil! it was perfect and is my and his favourite picture of us.


So here it is, in his kiss.


5 thoughts on “Its In His Kiss

      • Hi Natalie: i was thinking about my 1st kiss with my ‘puppy love’ Wesley who became my 1st husband. I was 11 7 he was 12. It was a rainy Autumn day & we were standing under a smallish crabapple tree in front of the Art Gallery in Westdale (in Hamilton where I was born). Wesley was already 6′ tall & I was 5′ tall or is that small (?) & we looked into each others’ eyes & the world stopped & he reached down & I stood on tippy toes & our lips met & electricity ran thru me & it felt like that kiss lasted forever………*sigh*……… a girl NEVER forgets her 1st kiss πŸ˜‰


      • Well 5 feet isnt much smaller than me fully grown so Im going to use the word tall to feel important. πŸ˜€ We never do forget the first kiss, I dont think we ever forget the first kiss we have with our true love either,though I am not sure if it is a deliberate memory or if it is just that it was such a soul fulfilling moment it is etched there forever. Perhaps a poem to couple the kiss with some words is in order. Again thank you ever so much for stopping by with such lovely and thoughtful comments. πŸ™‚


      • Hello Nantalie: have you ever noticed how women our height seem to go for men of a greater height??? Wesley is 6’1″; 5th hubby kevin was 6’3 1/2″ & my ex fiance Jon iz 6’4 1/2″….I find it VERY comforting having a TALL(ER) man hug me πŸ˜‰


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