Self (and Cat) Indulgent Post of the Month

People Probably know I am a cat person, I write about my cat in Portugal,Jackie, a lot, but she is not the only feline that has captured my heart there are two other rascals in England that know me as mommy and one of them is super sick so as a way to distract myself Im going to post pictures of him looking adorable and hope he makes his way back there soon.

NAME: Sammy

Age: 7

Date of Birth: 15/3/2005

Breed:British Short hair

Colour Black and White

Eye Colour: The most adorable Green

He is sick with a mysterious illness that even upon opening him up,we are none the wiser to, He is currently the weight of a six month old kitten, he is on daily steroids and anti inflammatories to calm all his internal digestive organs down. My First little baby is very sick. BUT today, literally 5 minutes ago, I found out he has gained 400 grammes in 4 days since his operation. So my brave lil boy is making his comeback towards world domination.

Here are 3 pictures of my little rascal who whenever I visit follows me around like a shadow!

sammy stealing my bed



And Finally because this is one of my most favourite pictures ever.

mommy and sammy

He is the most soft pillow ever.

Tomorrow, Tiger, the little bro of Sammy and the most mischievous of them all(Jackie included)


7 thoughts on “Self (and Cat) Indulgent Post of the Month

  1. Haha he normally is but he was annoyed because the first version of this pic I left the flash on and it woke him as with most cats,he doesn’t deal well with being woken by anyone or anything but his stomach for noms.


    • I was,I tried to remain not so, so when/if it happened I wouldnt be so hurt but I was so proud of him for coming through the surgery I couldnt help myself, Jackie has some similar habits to him, so she is a massive help dealing with the loss, we play the same and she loves it ( and is rougher than a boy twice her size was the minx!)tiger and sammy couldnt be more different though!


      • Funny how one cat can be so like another cat we have loved. Nylablue is very different to Mingflower yet she has become alot like her in manner…
        Have you read the tribute to Mingflower from March 24th?? I had Nylablue *write* it & it was cathartic to share about Mingy in such a way….I had done tribute blogs for her on Multiply when I was there & thought people here would like to know about Mingflower as most just know me as Nylablue’s Mum….LOL now I sound like a ‘crazy cat lady’!!!!!!


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