I am Behind You I Always Find You I am …The Tiger

So, I totally stole the title from This delightful ABBA song

But As reminicient of my childhood this song is, This is my promised follow up to my previous indulgent cat post.

Name :Tiger
Age: 6
Date  of Birth Unknown but estimated as November 1st 2006
Breed:British Short hair
Colour:Tortie with white underbelly,paws and face.
Eyes Hazel.

Tiger is always fine, except for when The ladies are in Season then he meows alot. Not that he even tries to have sex with them,Odd cat. He likes to annoy sammy and play fight, He was always the baby and though kinda “brothers” sammy taught him the ropes when we found him on the street and he kinda protects him like a parent cat would. He is very distressed by Sammy’s illness,follows him everywhere and basically wont give him a minutes peace,Something,no one except me thought would be possible given that sammy loved to hiss and piss and moan for the first 3 days after we brought him home, poor tiger was a sitting target of a pissed toms anger. Than one fateful nights their paws crossed in sleep and sammy licked between tigers ears and he fell asleep on sammy… a bro-mance was born.

Without further ado here are the arbitrary cat pics


He likes to climb on things

and my personal all time favourite of this little rascal


Love them both


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