The Portuguese One.

The third and final cat post I promise!

Jackie,my portuguese cat is a hunting expert and loves to kill geckos, after first de-tailing them.If I was woman enough I would photograph her latest kill, but Im not and thats a nice job for Renato to clean. She also catches birds mid air and bats and butterflies, In fact last week she killed a beautiful butterfly and it made me a bit sad,it was inevitable of course, It entered our yard but I would like to maintain beauty sometimes damnit!

She is the baby of all my kitties and the first female animal I ever had. I call her princess or Jacqueline. She is very independent and loves to play outside as opposed to sammy who ran off once and now is completely scared of the outdoors.

Name:Jackie,Jackster,Jacqueline or Princess.
Age: 22 months ish.
Date of Birth: Unknown exactly.
Breed:European Shorthair
Colour:Tortie with white paw tips and trunk.
Eyes:Hazely Green

This is her after her first bath the night we found her, She was quite dirty but aside from that she was nice and looked after without fleas or ticks or other nasties, her momma cat did the best she could for her and her sister. She left jackie behind,because of her poorly nose, but jackie kept meowing after her and somehow catching up. but when we fed her her mother and her other baby,she was super protective over the well baby but let jackie be taken, jackie meowed all the way to the house and was frightened but her mommy cat did the best for her, She get better and the stronger kitten who could help hunt was found in very good condition a few months later. The mother was never seen again.

As you can see,Painfully thin and almost looks a bit dead.

A week later

Her after about a month She was daddies girl
Her after about a month She was daddies girl

Posing and bed stealing like her older brother


Now she is all grown up

On her favourite duvet with her favourite(as old as she is) Mouse.


15 thoughts on “The Portuguese One.

    • Oh she does, She got so good at it, because me and Ren would play with her 3-4 hours a day with toys and stuff, never would want her to be any different.


  1. Jaqueline is absolutely breathtaking!!! Her eyes are amazing!!!! You have beautiful cats Natalie & I am so glad you shared them with us!!!! (I think I need to go back in your blogs to find cat #2…)
    I got behind again in reading blogs…sorry….


  2. She is my little princess, Cat number 2 is tiger he can be found here( my poor sammy died recently I miss him terribly,his surgery was unable to save him and he took a turn for the worst, he had a beautiful life though and I am sure he stuffed plenty into his 7 years.

    I get behind too sometimes, so much good content so little time!



    • I just read about Tiger & commented…they are both lovely cats!!! I am sorry about you losing Sammy…I don’t think I knew you had lost him during surgery!!! I hope the memories of him comfort you…I know how hard it is to let go of a beloved 4 legged. It is a good thing you have Tiger & Jacqueline to keep you company & bridge the gap (so to speak).
      May I ask: Did you do a blog about Sammy that I can read??


  3. Hiya, he made it through the surgery and improved so much but a few days after the surgery he just gave up on life and within 12 hours he was gone. I couldnt wish for him to be in pain so this is for the best. He was my first Cat I owned alone,hand reared him, he was my handsome prince, always looked like a kitten no matter how old he got

    Here are the posts about him



    • Oh Natalie how sad….I fear Nylablue will be like Sammy when it is her time….just let go….cats are like humans in that way…Some fight to live & some don’t….it is hard to let them go…but as you say you wouldn’t want him to suffer…I am going to read your posts about him right now….


    • *embarrassed* As it turns out I did read both your posts about Sammy. I feel kind of sheepish….please forgive me for being so clumsy….I shall go pound my head on the wall now…. 🙂


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