Tribute To a Furry Companion and Friend.

Bad news folks, the first kitty I posted this month in Self (and cat) Indulgent post of the month,passed away Last thursday, I have been too devasted to post anything before now, but now I can feel ok about it.


He was a great friend and Cat, a cute thing that maintained his kitten like cuteness. I am glad he got given a good home and lived a nice and happy life, which given that he was from someone that bred her cats  just to sell the kittens,he was a lucky little “runt”.

RIP sammy

sammy stealing my bed


10 thoughts on “Tribute To a Furry Companion and Friend.

    1. Please accept my sympathies on the passing of Sammie…he sure looks like he wa a spunky & adorable 4 legged!!!! ((HUGS)) Losing a cat is never easy is it??
      I am hoping the pain eases & the memories of Sammie comfort you.


      1. The memories are what help,I don’t feel sad anymore, really I feel happy that for 7 years he had a lovely home where he was the boss and had a lil bro and all the tuna and chicken he could eat and everywhere was his bed. Miss that little champ.


      2. I understand completely Natalie….it is difficult to have to rehome them & let them go & then let them go forever…you are a brave woman & I admire you 150%!!!


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