One Legged Suzie( as featured in the weekenders magazine)

Machines- fascinating beings

Beings that steal our ability to cook

To clean,

To have neat handwriting,or to learn.

Oh to learn

The encyclopedia

A gift to a 5 year old

who didn’t understand the words

Or even the concept

But bragged of her book

that had more pages

than a library

and was 1000 Mr Mens

and Roald Dahl was nothing on it.

Who grew up to read

and write

With that old fashioned

Pen and paper

Who played RPGs

At a table

Not a computer screen

Who wrote in cards

didn’t send texts

Who kept each unkempt scroll

In her heart

and a binder

filled with

mental wanderings

and ice cream sticks

From her first shared ice cream

with her muse

and her aggressor

her mental gymnast

who made her look bad

when he wrote one line

more poetically than she

Machines are wonderful things

I use them everyday

I like to deliberately break them

like the dolls arms

removed from the socket

Broken like the hyman

of her teenage whoredom


for one man at least

Broken like the string

of the guitar

she barely plays

but imagines will make her famous some day

Another machine!

To make the sound heard.

I wonder

will I end up on a machine

blood being cleansed

lungs being filled

with fake air

faker than the smog

of british cities

that are full of assembly line factories

making pottery and cars

then moved them to China.

I hope i don’t

I am flesh and bone

blood and real breath

I am breakable

Just like suzie

My one armed

one legged


You can read the magazine here. Please subscribe if you can.


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