So.. to catch up

Well I’m older, rumoured to be wiser… yet to be proven.

I still live in Portugal, I still am married to a sexy Portuguese devil.

Still happy, living life, loving it, except for my neighbours, but heck no one gets everything.

I have a cat that is a minor celebrity (@tugajackie,@tuga_jackie, and I still think she is just the cutest.

She has more followers than me and incidentally believes she rules the house.

I took a back seat from any kind of writing, to edit, to develop other things across other genres and media, I grew tired of blogging I got to a point where I felt like I had nothing to say, ( which if you know me, I am little miss “I have an opinion about everything” to have nothing to say is devastating) and was wasting time with drivel.
Something I am sure most writers have felt at some point in their lives, I took some time to fix some stuff in my house, see some more of the country eat good food, drink good drink, fuck good fucks and laugh from the very depth of my belly.

Something I have needed since my early 20s.

I feel reinvigorated, I fell renewed, I feel as my husbands namesake.. rebirthed.

Really looking forward to being back,

On that note, please keep an eye out for for my blogging exploits about the beautiful things that make Portugal , through my exceedingly British eye.


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