On Feminism,My Family and Life

I have always identified as a feminist, even before I knew the word and even before I fully understood it, my Grandmother was a strong anti-stereotype from the 30s my Godmother was the epitome of an independent woman, my Mother never shared in typical gender roles and wore makeup twice so far in her 55 yrs, I can’t remember when I last saw her knees, Our family was anything but stereotypical, despite seeming as such to the not so diligent observer.
My Father taught me everything, even the “not for girls” boyish things. My Father taught me how to knit,my Father taught me how to repair pipes, repair anything, prepare for life.

I can strip an engine, strip paint and strip wires, whilst cooking delicious food in a face mask that looks like I am “beginning to mould.”( Thanks for that one,Grandma!)

I love who I am, I wouldn’t change a single thing about my definition, my role in life, my role in my relationship, my role as human in this world. Despite my current definition within some assumed gender norms.( I’m obsessed with being in charge of the laundry like you wouldn’t believe)

I have also always been a firm believer in equality, it is difficult to explain since when or how, but I always had friends of whatever colour,gender, creed ,sexuality or species( in the case of my cats) I always treated people as I hoped they would treat me, I know I sometimes failed, but I hope my failings were simple clashes of personality rather than anything to do with who you are and your race, creed age or anything else that makes the fundamentals of how you see yourself in this world.

I believe, Men and Women are created equal, I believe, I as a female should be paid the same amount as a male for the same amount of work, without it ever being questioned as to if it is the right thing, I believe males should also be paid for the same amount of work of course

I also believe men should be entitled to paternity leave, equal to that awarded to mothers of children, I believe fathers should have equal rights to custody and it shouldn’t be a female leaning norm, because “that’s the way things have always been done.” I believe men should be entitled to as much freedom with their masculinity as I expect in my femininity.

I believe boys do cry, and thats ok, I believe some boys don’t and thats ok too. Same goes for girls.

I believe every person should without question, within the realms of decency and the safety of others be free to be whom they wish to be, in a world where the pigment with which you are born or the faith you choose to practice will not negatively define and impact you for the rest of your life.

Can a world, so hellbent on undoing previous wrong ever move forward and have a open honest dialogue about equality?

Perhaps not.

We can not gain whilst tearing others down, We can not and should not attempt to prove our point at the belittlement of others and close our ears minds and heart to opposing views.

We can not blind ourselves by that which we believe is righteous and blindly and belligerently fight it until the end, without allowing someone else to follow their path with the same vigour of opinion.

We can believe in our views and opinions with every piece of our souls, we can not, close ourselves to the pieces of other souls who hold onto something different.

The next time you are in a public place, look around you, every one of these people is someones child, someones something, do not dismiss them because they are different, do not fear them try to talk, listen and understand.

Be safe but be love.

Let go

See change



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