The Happiness of a Vimto in a Hormonal Haze.

For years, my sweet Husband has had to deal with my hormonal shenanigans, with poise and charm and lets be real… throwing chocolate at the monster from afar and hoping she doesn’t bite off any fingers.

I make Jabba look cute.

steve,jabba or me?
Steve,Jabba or Hormonal Natalie.. No-one can quite tell.  (Photocredit:-Jabba The Hutt With Hair)

I get spotty, I get bitchy and generally only calories make me feel human again, that plus a facemask and long ass shower.

Just today I have snapped his head off three times, for the most mundane of things. (Once for folding my bath towel when I didn’t want it folded)
However there is light at the end of this hormone riddled hell hole in the shape of a deliciously ice cold can of Fizzy Vitmo.

This for some might seem an overstatement, but let me tell you, this is one of the greatest things I have discovered in Lisbon since I arrived here.

Sure Pastel de Nata is awesome, Walks in Baixa are awesome and sitting next to Pessoa, but Vimto, in Lisbon, without having to catch a bus or train to my English soul is more than I can handle.
Portugal has so many delicious things, things that I could easily fall into a sugar coma with again and again(Regina pineapple flavoured Chocolate for example) but sometimes, you need a taste of home when you are a long time expat**, it comforts you like grandmas cooking or a proper cup of tea and for me being a northern girl nothing really feels like home like a Vimto.

30 seconds from my front door, and in unlimited supply(alongside Cadburys whole nut dairy milk and Crunchies)
I don’t even really have to take off my period chillax clothes.
If only they sold Irn Bru, my life would be complete.

So today, if you were to ask me,what makes me happy more than anything else, I would have to tell you:-
“It’s Simple, a cold can of Vimto and Crunchie Bar followed by the untold happiness it brings to my hormone riddled self.”

**( Yes I am aware my expat algarve dwelling brethren have English produce in spades but a three hour drive in this mood will just send me into a Godzilla like haze and you left watching Portugal burn)



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