Veganism, Vegetarianism and my “isms”.

I am a pretty laid back kinda gal, I think “your life your choice”, You want to eat meat, go ahead eat it, eat it however you want, whenever you want,same goes for veggies same goes for vegans, Trust me, you don’t get to be a 27 year old struggling with your weight by ever doing anything by halves.( Endometriosis Aside)
I wont tell you what is best for you,I don’t live in your body,I don’t have your social conscious, I don’t have all the things that make you uniquely.. you. On top of all of that I am not in any way qualified to do so, I have a lot of knowledge about food, and cooking and recipes and I have because of that picked up lots of supplemental information regarding calories, specific dietary requirements, theories, diets,lifestyle changes you name it, I may have encountered it in some way if it is food related. But I am not a professional, I have not trained, I don’t hold any form of a degree.

I regularly write recipes and regularly submit content to food related magazines and websites, My own Instagram is mostly full of pictures of food I have recently prepared “artfully” arranged on my living room table then devoured rather un-artfully moments later.
I post vegan food, veggie food and meat-lover food ( Interesting note, I cant directly think of a word for the meat eating opposite of veggie, Aside from carnivore I suppose, interesting gap in language there)
I really dont mind, I have all kinds of friends with all kinds of dietry requirements whom I like to cook for.

No judgement here.

But, please, offer my the same courtesy in return! If I don’t judge your choice, can you not judge mine?
Don’t be disappointed that I post a picture of a roasted chicken after two meals that were veggie, don’t call me out on it. Its just not cool.

I am an atheist, I am a meat eater, who LOVES vegan and vegetarian food, I am a Heterosexual, White Female, Overweight, British ex-patriot who loves Punk and Rock, Shakespeare,Movies and Poetry.

Those are my obvious -isms -ists and my -ishs.

Most important thing you need to know about me is, I am Natalie.

If you think I am a shitty person, thats ok by me, I may have done something to make you think that, not everyone likes everyone, but if I have not spoken to you, we haven’t been face to face, you are just anonymous and online.. leave it out. There is far too much hate in the world for this nonsense.

It is not your place to comment on my beliefs, relationship, home, life or values, nor is it mine to comment on yours.

Consider this before you run your mouth.. or fingers as the case may be.




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