Musings on Late Night Car Alarms

Have you ever noticed that suddenly hearing a car alarm (in Portugal at least) means your neighbourhood is changing?

It means there is now a need to have alarms when previously there wasn’t. A car alarm constantly went off last night and it occurred to me it’s the first car alarm I have heard in three years but we are starting to have more and more conversations in the neighbourhood coffee shop about this break in or that break in.

It’s sad.My neighbourhood is being eaten by crime and bad behaviour and I can’t stop it.

I try to model the behaviour of love and acceptance but it doesn’t seem to matter, I can attend the council meetings, write or call the câmera municipal. People still attempt to break my window if I have it open, still, attempt to force my front door, try being buzzed into the building under false pretences still try to harm my cat who is innocently sitting by the aforementioned window.

I think we have to move because the moment one person breaks the boundary into my haven I know I will become one of the criminals too and I don’t want to be that person.


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