Friday Feminist Rambling, A New Tradition.

I love being a girl, I can’t imagine having to be a boy that seems like its own minefield of unfair societal expectations, I was raised by strong women, who defined their own version of being feminine.

I have however come up against men and unfortunately other women who think that because I have pink pens and girl stationary and wear facemasks and mess up the apartment with my “girly shit” that I am lesser, less intelligent, less professional, less worthy, but more controllable, more ‘put-down’-ible more predictable.

Well fuck you, me and my girly shit will go right on and build ourselves a strong independent life.

I will write our story your story any story with my pink polka dot pen in my darth vader notebook and with my chocolate face mask on and there is not a goddamn thing I would change or you can change or shall change.

I can be anything and anyone I want to be. I am capable strong and autonomous, as I don’t try to control and judge you keep that shit to yourself.

I will create my brujah character sheet add a die to my thousand strong collection each time I see one that I like, fire-mage the shit out some fel-ly ‘Legion’ wanker and then watch a rom-com and cuddle my cat and moan at a screen about how “ he isn’t worth it girl, you don’t need no man you need to love yourself”

Girls, I am true to myself, I wear makeup and sometimes I don’t, I am pale as hell, kinda gross, I eat lots of veggies and make lots of toots, I love to pamper myself, pumice my feet right on my couch, buy entirely too many lotions and eyeshadow I won’t ever use,  I love to game, love to write, love to be given flowers, love to have teddy bears, love to go on romantic picnics and be all giggly and oh lord can i be hella hormonal and cry over random shit.

But I am all of these things and I am a girl, I am so much, I can be so much I can do anything and everything, never ever ever let anyone tell ya you can’t be, never let anyone try to define who you are, blame you for the actions of others,shame you for a piece of clothing, ask why what happened to you happened to you and why you didn’t stop it.

You are damn fierce, #beingagirlrocks


5 thoughts on “Friday Feminist Rambling, A New Tradition.

  1. Hi,
    I met you at Jason’s Meet and Greet. I came to Meet and Greet you.
    I appreciate you calling me fierce. Thank you. May I ask your opinion, though? I am in America. When Trump became president, I feel women’s rights took a backward turn about 60 years. What is your opinion?
    Maybe check out my blog if you could use any blogging tips. That’s what I write about.

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    • Pleased to meet you, Janice.

      I agree that womens rights in the USA right now are under attack, have taken massive leaps backwards and current rights need to be upheld and protected, the legislation being passed through from pro-life lobbyists can and will cost lives and at the very least will cause undue stress and suffering to a women who finds herself in need of these reproductive services.( Not even strictly abortion services) It seems like a very clear attempt to keep Females as second class citizens and under the influence and will of the men in their life and their government.
      Not to mention the attacks on LGBTQ rights.
      I am disgusted by the news I see daily, this is what I shall be writing about in depth during this next weeks rant.
      I will certainly check out your blog, I have been writing professionally for ten years, but heck, everyone can use extra knowledge always.

      Keep being fierce


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      • Thank you, that means a lot.

        I am over at your blog now, you have lots of really useful tips and tricks, I subscribed . Looking forward to picking up lots of tips, if you would like to collaborate sometime, do please get in touch also.

        Much Love,


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