Dim. . . Dimming. . . Diminish. . .

Considering my current tribulations an interesting and overly coincidental prompt for the day.


I am not dim but wonder if it may be better if I was.
Not in the intelligence sense, but in terms of my spark, the light, I emit, in terms of my opinions, loud mouthedness, feminism, politics, my selfishness and single-mindedness.


I wonder if to save what is breaking I should dim myself and hide.
Not be the “me” I am and worked so hard for the best part of the last decade.

Let your light shine and rise and hide mine as I always did in things between you and me.


Internally yelling at myself….

“ Natalie, that would make you the other kind of dim.”

I will remain and be who I am.
Please try and love me for it anyway.


2 thoughts on “Dim. . . Dimming. . . Diminish. . .

    • Haha, little hard to to in Portugal Mikey my dear. Unless I go to Serra and climb a mountain, which I am just not feeling today.
      This post actually worked tremendously well in terms of getting out of my own head and encouraging me to converse, which is healthy, I think.


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