Mini Update: Writing, Poetry, Submissions.

So, as you may know every year April marks National Poetry Month. I took part in it back in the day ( I’m talking 2012) but I have pretty consistently just been a disappointing writer and completely forgot every year since then.

This year though I have decided to actually be the poet my biography would suggest and write some poems and actually make an effort in terms of my poetry writing.
It is something I love.

I have also committed to submitting one poem a day for publication somewhere, even if it is just someone else blog, I have decided to focus on poetry as a break from the constant grind of screenwriting and hope you will join me along the journey and also I hope “speaking” my intentions here will help hold me accountable and will mean I have the motivation to write and submit even when my procrastination sets in, deadlines generally make me work harder and the deadline of one a day will certainly keep me on edge.

What are some of your plans for this national poetry month?

Let me know and maybe we can keep each other motivated.



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