National Poetry Month: Day 3 and 4

Didn’t post any updates yesterday because the truth is, nothing much was different from day 2. I wrote a little, edited some things and submitted too.
I’m finding it difficult to find places where I think my voice would fit. I am very blunt and northern in my way and my poetry isn’t always… poetic, still I push on and am writing poems everyday.

I have been working on a couple of collections for a while with the hope of publishing a chapbook or two.
I feel like they are kind of a rite of passage and I wont ever really feel likeĀ  a proper poet ’til I have made and released one

I do need to work with a decent artist though, I really struggle in this particular kind of visual art and when I “see” my chapbook, I see art and coloured pages and “Natalie” in print.It is frustrating to work in arguably one of the most visual fields in the world ( Film) and not be able to do this, but I think part of growing as an artist is sometimes accepting collaboration into your world and understanding other good people can elevate you beyond where you could get on your own.
This is fun, poetry was one of my first loves ( I was sure I was gonna “David Bowie” my poems cut them up and assemble them into Ziggy Stardust masterpieces) and rediscovering it and making an actual real effort is proving to be more challenging than I thought, but of course as with all writing, you have to put the work in and write through everything.

This is turning ramble-y, so I am going to “sign off”

See you all tomorrow


*Featured image courtesy of : Poetry School


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