Can we tell it how it is? “Christian” isn’t a catch all excuse for bigotry.

The below scenario is based on the family of a boy at a Church of England school in the UK, removing him from school after a classmate returned to school one day dressed in girls clothes (of course, this isn’t the full and true story of a transgendered child, but I am using their words and the words of a number of media outlets I have read in the last 24hrs)

Let us imagine for a moment that your child, upon meeting a transgendered child, comes home and seems confused and maybe even a little scared.

All understandable, in the mind of a child, being confronted with something they haven’t experienced before or an explanation that has made them confused.

Would you A)
Talk to your child, help them understand and answer as best you can any questions they have. Tell them that the Trans child, is just a person who deserves love and respect and that your child has nothing to be scared of, go with them to school the next day and try to foster friendship between the two and be an ally.

Would you B)
Talk to your child, determine that the school behaved badly, go to the school and talk to the teachers and maybe other parents, but remain respectful and show your child through action that everyone should be respected and respectful and that the trans child is not at fault or the thing to be angry at?

Or would you C)
Be disgusted that this “agenda” is being allowed into Christian schools, use your “faith” as a reason to have this child removed or to remove your child, or referred to their birth gender and called their “original name” and further to that contact whoever will listen to “stop the madness” because won’t” somebody think of my traumatised child”
Ultimately going to the media and onto TV, because ” a six-year-old, can’t understand these complex things and this is a political agenda.”


Firstly, you underestimate a child’s capacity of understanding, of empathy and ability to cope with things we as adults struggle with.
Secondly, let’s remember, the person ultimately suffering your wrath is an innocent child, who feels uncomfortable and probably confused in their lives every day, their parents are trying to make their child feel “ok” be their true selves, to stop THEIR child being traumatized and internalizing so much hate.
Let’s remember how brave this child is, let’s remember that any child, male, female, trans or nonbinary, is a child, deserving of compassion


Please, when your choice is option “C” explain to me how you dare call yourself a Christian?

Please tell me how you have managed to forget:
Matthew 18:1-5
Matthew 18:10
Psalm 8:2
Matthew 19:13-14

Me the atheist seemed to manage to recall them all just fine.

Trying to exemplify your Christianity with
“As Christians, we believe that all people are loved by God” just doesn’t cut it anymore. You are not examples of the love my Christian grandma taught me, even in times when things changed and society changed in ways that confused and maybe even scared her. She was love and compassion and strength.

She was a true Christian and should I be wrong and god, indeed even an afterlife does exist, she will be one of the righteous to inherit it all, not you.


Friday Feminist Ramble: Three

What the hell can I possibly say?
What is there left that hasn’t been said before, what of our struggles are somehow different than they were 100 years ago?
Yes, we may be allowed to vote, but that certainly doesn’t mean we are being represented. I am perhaps more represented as a white, hetero girl.
But black girls, latina, transwomen, most members of the LGBTQ community? All Governors worry about is where they wanna pee, or what country they arbitrarily were expelled from a birth canal in.
Whilst rights get slashed, whilst our elderly have their meals taken away from them, whilst women and the poor have their healthcare removed, whilst they sit with your tax dollars covering their care.

What else is there to say?
The world is in a sad state.
I always prided myself on being British, not in a nationalistic sense, but what our “values” had always represented of the fact my state was a “welfare” state, that Medical was paid, that nursing homes were paid, that being without a job didn’t mean you are without a meal, that being ill didn’t mean your life felt meaningless, now it is the world in which a private business can sue the NHS for losing a contract.

It would be easy for me to blame Trump for everything wrong in the world, hell he has been responsible for  SO FUCKING MUCH, but it is a sickness that is spreading around the world.
Europe used to feel safe and a bastion for acceptance and goodwill, but with separatists getting more emboldened and Brexit and the uncertainty, even here things are starting to feel lost. At least as a Brit.

I am aghast, but I am not defeated.

I shall continue to write, eventually I hope, with fresh words, that have more meaning, I will continue to be opinionated and loud and “Brash” I will always #resist,  I will always march. I will always be for all women everywhere, I will always be feminist, I will always be egalitarian and I will always be a socialist Liberal girl. I will always want what is fair.

Perhaps this isn’t a rant, more a” Friday Feminist Introspection” but alas, I am but human.

This is all I can really say on Trump et el at this point, just be strong, I am here, I will be loud, I am an ally.

Reach out wherever you can, I promise I shall respond.

Much Love,


Mini Musings: Wednesday Edition on Thursday

I got caught up in International Women’s Day.
I tried to avoid the anti-female rhetoric a great number of men posting on social media and talking in the streets of this country care to engage in.
Tried to focus on my female positive and feminist husband
and the cider he brought home for me to share with him along with a bunch of flowers and my favourite coffee,
In a show of solidarity with me on this day when men take great pride in attacking.
More simply just a man bringing his wife flowers to make her smile.

I deliberately held back posting this until the day here had officially passed.

To those men:

“Feliz Dia da Costela do Homem*”( Happy day of the rib of man)
Is disgusting
It doesn’t make you a “Homem Tradicional”( Traditional Man)
It makes you a dinosaur
a pig
a disgrace.
To a specific man, I know
You have a daughter,
Grow up.

To all my sisters around the world

*Reference to the biblical story of Eve being made from Adam’s rib

Ireland Should remove the 8th. Period.

I want to start this post by stating plainly, I am Pro-choice.
I will always be Pro-choice and I will always be Pro-Abortion(Legal).
Legal and medically safe abortions should be available to every woman everywhere it’s my simple held belief.
I will always support a woman’s right to make any choice regarding her body and fetus and if you are pro-life I do respect your views and your right to hold them for YOU.


A lot of you may know me as “The English Portuguese” I have lived in Portugal for most of my adulthood it’s true and I’ve been involved with devilish Portuguese men even longer still.
What some of you may not know is that before moving to Portugal I lived in Dublin, Ireland for around a year.

I had come to expect a certain level of care reproductively and in terms of contraceptive and sexual health.
My Birth control was free on the NHS ( information and helpful links can be found here) and condoms were available for free at family planning clinics and I believe are now even more widely available.
Family planning, maternity care and postnatal care are all free.
Seeing a gynaecologist is free, tests for a reproductive disease are free, fertility tests are free.
Basically, in the regard of being safe and well during a pregnancy and those crucial months afterwards, I would be ok, I would be safe and I would be healthy, no matter how or when my pregnancy ended.

I honestly and naively thought, in “Modern Europe” and especially a country that had such close relations with the UK, shared a border with the UK and were ultimately trying to put the horror of the Magdalene Laundries behind them, things would be much the same.

I was wrong

Whilst there was a more relaxed attitude in terms of sexual freedom, there certainly was not a relaxed attitude towards pregnancy  and pro choice.

“If you fall pregnant, you have the baby, the child shouldn’t pay for the sins of the mother”-A direct quote from a neighbour of mine.

I was flabberghasted.
Could we really, still be touting this to women, girls and even men, who last I checked, generally have an equal part to play in the creating of a foetus.

“What about if the girl is raped? ” I asked
“Well then, it’s still not the baby’s fault is it?”
I stood aghast.
“Anyway They can always go to England if they are really so desperate to end their child’s life”

To be clear, Abortion in Ireland is (or should be) legal only in cases where the mother’s life is at risk, even in the case of suicide.
However, speaking to a number of Irish and foreign girls during my time in Ireland, the picture that is painted is one that is quite different.
Often even in cases where a woman may be at risk there feels an underlying pressure to try and keep the child and often abortion is never even mentioned as an option, adoption is often discussed in the cases of mothers feeling suicidal.In cases of rape, incest or foetal abnormality, Abortion is not legal.

More information can be found here.

This is simply unacceptable.
Post-abortion care is offered and actual abortion is not.
You are tying womens hands and uterus’ up in government red tape and making them travel abroad during a time when they most need support are most vulnerable and ultimately most at risk.
You can not make up for a lack of a safe medical option by having after care available in the capital city( those in rural areas are even more cut off from the services they need)

You can not make a law less restrictive by offering during face to face counselling sessions leaflets and advice about abortion as long as you can afford to go aboard.
(There are no charitable options that would/could help with the trip and the costs involved)

You are forcing women( Up to 5000 a year estimates indicate) into situations they shouldn’t be in.
You are treating them as second class citizens.
You are pro birth not pro life.
A woman’s life has to be worth SOMETHING, we’re not simply hosts for new life.
We are not dirty, filthy, sinful or destitute.

This HAS to stop.
Repeal the eighth*, abortions WILL happen, you won’t ever stop them, at least have the decency to protect your citizens and their families.
Amendment 4.3.3 does not help.


Friday Feminist Rambling: Two.

Note: I had originally planned on writing about the state of womens rights in the USA right now, as discussed, with my new blogging friend Julie ( You can visit her blog here), in the comments of last Fridays post, however, it was just too much of a post and I got too impassioned to properly make sense in the post.. it will follow shortly, when I am able to properly edit and do the subject justice.

I have a pretty cool dad.

He never thought I couldn’t do something because I was a girl, I was always encouraged and made aware of my worth and how capable I am. I think he was made to be the father of a daughter, Him and sons would have been a big ol’ explosive mess( I speak from me and him often being a big ol’ explosive mess)

I wasn’t a girly girl when I was a teenager but sometimes I wore my short denim skirt my ripped up fishnets and a top that accentuated the girls, I walked past him looking this way, got into his car looking this way and he drove me to various gigs looking this way.

I didn’t get a lecture because I didn’t need one I had been raised with a sense of right or wrong, didn’t smoke and although I liked beer, Pepsi was generally cheaper and I liked that more. Most importantly I was raised to trust my own judgement and I had ample self-respect/confidence.

I had a hand me down phone, with £5 credit, my dad, grandma and mums numbers in my last three calls and twenty quid in the hidden pocket of my jacket( just HAD to get a shirt Everytime)

“Hope you have a good time, ring me if you need anything or are going to be late”

Not”ignore the boys”,
Not “make sure you don’t get yourself raped”
Not “don’t act like a slut tonight”
Not “don’t be a tease”

Just a dad saying “have fun”, “call me” and ” I’ll be here when you get back.”

He was raised that you do nothing to girls, don’t hit them, don’t do anything that makes them uncomfortable don’t do anything to a girl you wouldn’t want someone to do to your sister or mum.

I used to think it was sexist nonsense, the feminist in me telling him “I don’t need a boy to defend me, I can defend myself”

It’s true I could, but I am beginning to think that mindset was a better  one for boys to be raised with than
“She was asking for it”
or “every ‘No’ can become a ‘Yes’ “

I know had I come home and told him I was raped/drugged etc, his reaction ( in no specific order) would be:-
1)Call the police
2)”I will kill THEM”
3)”Are you going to be ok Natalie?”

I truly don’t believe I would ever be blamed for something befalling me.

It’s sad that girls are taught to police themselves, that we have classes on how to behave in school, have to really take a self-defence class  to feel safer, and taught how to spot if we have been drugged or not to leave our drinks unattended.

How about we teach “don’t drug unattended drinks” or ” be polite, don’t be an asshole” or ” Consent is everything” regardless of your gender?

Why aren’t men taught that women are equal, ‘No’ means ‘No’ and rape is NEVER ok?

I think I would rather all men were like my Dad, my Husband, Grandpa and Godfather.

Women aren’t inherently weak but we should treat them well and defend them in their toughest times and blame and properly charge the perpetrator, not the victim.

If it takes raising men, in a way the young feminist Natalie considered kinda sexist, might it not be worth it for women in the long run?


Musings on Late Night Car Alarms

Have you ever noticed that suddenly hearing a car alarm (in Portugal at least) means your neighbourhood is changing?

It means there is now a need to have alarms when previously there wasn’t. A car alarm constantly went off last night and it occurred to me it’s the first car alarm I have heard in three years but we are starting to have more and more conversations in the neighbourhood coffee shop about this break in or that break in.

It’s sad.My neighbourhood is being eaten by crime and bad behaviour and I can’t stop it.

I try to model the behaviour of love and acceptance but it doesn’t seem to matter, I can attend the council meetings, write or call the câmera municipal. People still attempt to break my window if I have it open, still, attempt to force my front door, try being buzzed into the building under false pretences still try to harm my cat who is innocently sitting by the aforementioned window.

I think we have to move because the moment one person breaks the boundary into my haven I know I will become one of the criminals too and I don’t want to be that person.