Can we tell it how it is? “Christian” isn’t a catch all excuse for bigotry.

The below scenario is based on the family of a boy at a Church of England school in the UK, removing him from school after a classmate returned to school one day dressed in girls clothes (of course, this isn’t the full and true story of a transgendered child, but I am using their words and the words of a number of media outlets I have read in the last 24hrs)

Let us imagine for a moment that your child, upon meeting a transgendered child, comes home and seems confused and maybe even a little scared.

All understandable, in the mind of a child, being confronted with something they haven’t experienced before or an explanation that has made them confused.

Would you A)
Talk to your child, help them understand and answer as best you can any questions they have. Tell them that the Trans child, is just a person who deserves love and respect and that your child has nothing to be scared of, go with them to school the next day and try to foster friendship between the two and be an ally.

Would you B)
Talk to your child, determine that the school behaved badly, go to the school and talk to the teachers and maybe other parents, but remain respectful and show your child through action that everyone should be respected and respectful and that the trans child is not at fault or the thing to be angry at?

Or would you C)
Be disgusted that this “agenda” is being allowed into Christian schools, use your “faith” as a reason to have this child removed or to remove your child, or referred to their birth gender and called their “original name” and further to that contact whoever will listen to “stop the madness” because won’t” somebody think of my traumatised child”
Ultimately going to the media and onto TV, because ” a six-year-old, can’t understand these complex things and this is a political agenda.”


Firstly, you underestimate a child’s capacity of understanding, of empathy and ability to cope with things we as adults struggle with.
Secondly, let’s remember, the person ultimately suffering your wrath is an innocent child, who feels uncomfortable and probably confused in their lives every day, their parents are trying to make their child feel “ok” be their true selves, to stop THEIR child being traumatized and internalizing so much hate.
Let’s remember how brave this child is, let’s remember that any child, male, female, trans or nonbinary, is a child, deserving of compassion


Please, when your choice is option “C” explain to me how you dare call yourself a Christian?

Please tell me how you have managed to forget:
Matthew 18:1-5
Matthew 18:10
Psalm 8:2
Matthew 19:13-14

Me the atheist seemed to manage to recall them all just fine.

Trying to exemplify your Christianity with
“As Christians, we believe that all people are loved by God” just doesn’t cut it anymore. You are not examples of the love my Christian grandma taught me, even in times when things changed and society changed in ways that confused and maybe even scared her. She was love and compassion and strength.

She was a true Christian and should I be wrong and god, indeed even an afterlife does exist, she will be one of the righteous to inherit it all, not you.