Me Time

Today’s prompt asks about “An ideal Saturday morning

Well in my time zone its currently the afternoon and I had quite an unproductive morning cause the alarm didn’t ring.

An ideal Saturday morning for me is quite simple maybe even pathetic some might say, but I enjoy the simple and free things in life.

An ideal Saturday.

Waking up early

but staying in bed late

being silly and playful

maybe make time to mate.

Sit with the laptop

at your knees

and watch a series

Maybe Stargate or Naruto

or even The Big Bang Theory

be nodding off

in your chest

although its only 10 am

that sexy man smell

from the festivities of the night before

of being down on all for

and giving a lioness roar

we should eat!

I say with lazy exclamation

Its already 12


Maybe we should begin our day

Of writing some lines

and having our say

and trying to change the world

in the comfort of the bed

or the sofa

and decked in our PJs

Im feeling needy

midway through my cycle

so I want to cuddle you

and hinder your typing

so you pay attention to me

not your adoring fans

I want to be stupid and romantic and lazy

and deal with life

on another day

not today

on my perfect Saturday


Ode to 2012

Here is my ode to twenty twelve

Deep into my my thoughts we shall delve

From the machine we turned off on the first

to the publishing of poetry and verse

From the valentines we barely had

to the romance of playing in the pool

From My parents getting on a plane

to you grandfather getting worse

From the BLT, that made you complain

to the “mud crab rice”, We were lucky to obtain

From a summer that killed all the plants

to the cat whose shit help bloom them

From a Christmas apart

to the weekend in June

This truly has been a year of mixed fortune


I need a walk

Those most ominous of words

“I need a walk”

Followed closely By

“I need to think”

Lead to Natalie

being to blame for something

not doing something correctly

Those words

that when spoken by her

are not allowed

as she isn’t allowed human emotion

nor the right to frown

she must always be good

always be ok

always be the one who asks”hey how was your day?”

never to have it asked back

because you just know

my day has been just great

I wasn’t in a state

crying over my keyboard

not eating till eight

I was perfectly fine

my pain is less than yours

I don’t hurt

and everything is a flesh wound

I can walk off

Whilst concerning myself with you.

That Boy

That Boy

Who makes me week at the knees

That Boy

Who makes me pull hair

With passion and rage

That boy who is leaving me

When he is mad

That boy

That sheds tears when he says those words

That boy

Who is too much of a gentleman to ask

That boy

Who I corrupt into asking

That Boy

Who’s Name is always on my Lips

That boy

and the life we share

That boy

that makes the panties bunch

When I am annoyed

and makes them wet

when I’m aroused

That boy…


That boy

Is Mine

And I am Lucky

That boy

You know who you are

This Girl

Loves You




Written for this weeks Romantic Monday

And For My Boy


As we sit in silence

the genius at his work

I wonder what I will do

Will I do the laundry

or will I  make a fire

Maybe I will play with the cat

her claws look good and Sharp,

Ready to tear mothers hand

and keep her from her art

No,I will write a poem

as I’m a writer too

Perhaps not quite as poetic

or masterful as you

but I have honed my craft over many a year

scribbling adolescent lines,hiding the journal in fear

working to tight deadlines,to allow my ends to meet


as it rains outside

and the wind whistles its tune

I sat and wrote a poem

as I stared at you

I felt  a little naughty,

stealing your thunder

but its ok

you stole mine

I used to be the poet

Once upon a time.

Trade Off

Here we go again

the usual

the same old

the predictable


We are both such bitches

Twirling tales

and back stabs

In exchange for smiles


Trading I love you

For cutting of pride


I am about to cut my own


I love you

Lets not fight.


Calmly You walk from my life,

Not as a hurricane,as I had Imagined.


But Calm,

As a gentle breeze,that kisses my cheek and dishevels my hair.

As a Kittens Paw Imprints his first winters snow.

As a child first grasps his fathers finger

or the bee that fondles the springtime Lavender.

But a hurricane?


It was not a hurricane.