Friday Feminist Ramble: Three

What the hell can I possibly say?
What is there left that hasn’t been said before, what of our struggles are somehow different than they were 100 years ago?
Yes, we may be allowed to vote, but that certainly doesn’t mean we are being represented. I am perhaps more represented as a white, hetero girl.
But black girls, latina, transwomen, most members of the LGBTQ community? All Governors worry about is where they wanna pee, or what country they arbitrarily were expelled from a birth canal in.
Whilst rights get slashed, whilst our elderly have their meals taken away from them, whilst women and the poor have their healthcare removed, whilst they sit with your tax dollars covering their care.

What else is there to say?
The world is in a sad state.
I always prided myself on being British, not in a nationalistic sense, but what our “values” had always represented of the fact my state was a “welfare” state, that Medical was paid, that nursing homes were paid, that being without a job didn’t mean you are without a meal, that being ill didn’t mean your life felt meaningless, now it is the world in which a private business can sue the NHS for losing a contract.

It would be easy for me to blame Trump for everything wrong in the world, hell he has been responsible for  SO FUCKING MUCH, but it is a sickness that is spreading around the world.
Europe used to feel safe and a bastion for acceptance and goodwill, but with separatists getting more emboldened and Brexit and the uncertainty, even here things are starting to feel lost. At least as a Brit.

I am aghast, but I am not defeated.

I shall continue to write, eventually I hope, with fresh words, that have more meaning, I will continue to be opinionated and loud and “Brash” I will always #resist,  I will always march. I will always be for all women everywhere, I will always be feminist, I will always be egalitarian and I will always be a socialist Liberal girl. I will always want what is fair.

Perhaps this isn’t a rant, more a” Friday Feminist Introspection” but alas, I am but human.

This is all I can really say on Trump et el at this point, just be strong, I am here, I will be loud, I am an ally.

Reach out wherever you can, I promise I shall respond.

Much Love,



Mini Musing, Wednesday Edition

I am Sick of women getting blamed! For the breakdown in the mental health of men, like we somehow have a responsibility to keep everyone’s shit together, not doing so, and worse having your own issues, makes you a weak and useless woman, or that we are the reason that he had a mental break because we’re crazy and we rubbed off on him!

 Oh Shit, you got us, we got a secret.

In school that “sex ed class” where the boys and girls are separated into groups for a “Talk” wasn’t “sex-ed” it was the meeting of the coven teaching us how to utilise our vaginal strength to drain men of their essence.

Rhythmic. Daily Prompt.

Haven’t done one of these in a LONG time.

As I began to type this, “You do something to me” begun to play from iTunes so, invariably my post is going to be about music and likely my husband and myriad other lovey dovey-ness.

  1. 1.
    having or relating to rhythm.
    “a rhythmic dance”
  2. 2.
    occurring regularly.

    “there are rhythmic changes in our bodies”

    What is rhythm, well, its life isn’t it?
    Our bodies entwined our moods, our love, our day to day.
    It’s the beating of my heart, when you walk in the room, or when you kiss my forehead.
    It’s the sound of your shower at 7.30 am whilst I am still in slumber,
    the sound of “Bat Out of Hell” playing from your ” yet again forgot to switch off” 8am alarm.
    The sound of the spoon as you stir your morning coffee.
    The tinkle of your keys as you pick them to go for your outside morning cigarette.
    “Sugar pie, Honey bunch” Every time you call.
    The sound of you and the cat as you play and roughhouse,
    her needy meow when you come through the door and forget to say “Hi”,
    the sound of the kibble as you feed her when I am feeling lazy,
    the sound of her automatic string toy, when it’s frustrating her and you can’t stop laughing.
    The sound of the dice, as we roleplay and my vampire Natalia, grows in power.
    The sound of the blender as I make you the smoothies you so love.
    The loud gulp, whenever you drink.
    The sound of our life in love.

    This is what our love is.

Yes I am… Maybe.

Daily Prompt: Happily Ever After

“And they lived happily ever after.” Think about this line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after? If not, what will it take for you to get there?

What Is happiness, What is a happily ever after?

I am pretty certain I have found mine, Renato and I are ultimately happy to be together and in love,but this happiness came at a massive price for us both and we sacrifice so much for it.

We first met when i was 14 and he was 19 Elvis and Lisa Marie style,nothing happened, we didnt even speak to each other, but he was handsome and I remembered,We met again when I was 17, on my way to a weekend away with my then boyfriend to loose my Virginity, All it would have taken was one word from me and that guy would have been Renato, not who it ended up being, we spoke, we flirted, we felt we had known each other for ever. I felt like my happiness was left behind on that train and I couldn’t love like that, so I agreed I would try and make this relationship with my boyfriend work…

It didnt, but I did fall in love, not with Renato.. with the bad boy, the older man, the mystery, the man with the delicious foreign accent and bad attitude, but who had an awesome music collection, I loved him when everything that was my sense told me not too….

Renato and I re-met when I was 21, this time, the internet brought us together. and has kept us together, skype,… all being utilized right now when we are financially in a situation that keeps us apart 5 days a week. When we were the couple that was LITERALLY together every minute, but now we aren’t even in gtalk every minute, its hours… before we even get to say hi, its days before we get to kiss. but then we kiss and spend a weekend in happy couples retreat.

Is this the happily ever after we had dreamed of and hoped for?


Is it a happily ever after that I want “ever after”?

Yes,because I chased him for too long to loose him now.

Im not happy with our predicament but I am happy with him, he’s my man and I love him.