The truth is perhaps a little more complicated than that- An Essay

Recently, I have been unabashedly declaring That “ I am a writer that hates to write”, it’s too much work, I wanna float around.
Woe is talented little entitled me.


One Legged Suzie( as featured in the weekenders magazine)

Machines- fascinating beings Beings that steal our ability to cook To clean, To have neat handwriting,or to learn. Oh to learn The encyclopedia A gift to a 5 year old who didn’t understand the words Or even the concept But bragged of her book that had more pages than a library and was 1000 Mr…… Continue reading One Legged Suzie( as featured in the weekenders magazine)

Me Time

Today’s prompt asks about “An ideal Saturday morning” Well in my time zone its currently the afternoon and I had quite an unproductive morning cause the alarm didn’t ring. An ideal Saturday morning for me is quite simple maybe even pathetic some might say, but I enjoy the simple and free things in life. An ideal Saturday. Waking up early but staying in…… Continue reading Me Time

Ode to 2012

Here is my ode to twenty twelve Deep into my my thoughts we shall delve From the machine we turned off on the first to the publishing of poetry and verse From the valentines we barely had to the romance of playing in the pool From My parents getting on a plane to you grandfather getting worse…… Continue reading Ode to 2012